Is There A List of Employers in … ?

A common request we get is : “Where can I find a list of employers in field X in location Y?”

Whilst it’s always tempting to do that “biting your bottom lip and sucking in air” noise that plumbers are so good at when asked when they’ll be available, sometimes we can come up with a pretty good list of just what you want, just by knowing where to look.

Classic starting points are trade associations or professional bodies for the occupation or industry in which you’re interested. Local internet directories promoting a specific field (such as biotechnology) can be helpful with location, especially if it’s a new or growing area of employment where the region wants to promote itself, in the hope of attracting more employers into the area.

And sometimes, well, just Googling the correct terms gets you there. This works surprisingly often – the trick is not to search on “list of employers” but use the industry and broad location (region/country) as search terms, and then amongst the search engine results, spot likely umbrella organisations who might have just such a list. It will probably take a couple more clicks, but this is how I found a list of Spanish aerospace employers this week for a (hopefully!) grateful student.

These “umbrella” websites don’t often have job ads, but you can always check the careers pages of the organisations listed, and if you’re a postgrad with research experience or studying in their field of interest, it’s often worth making speculative applications to organisations where your specialism will be recognised and valued.

To make it easily searchable, I’ll separate out future posts of this type with the type of employer in the title, starting with three I’ve come across, had recommended or used this week.