A List of Employers in the Spanish Aerospace Industry?

OK, not the most common request but a genuine one from this week. Just jump to the end if you really want this list, or read on to learn how I found it (and then have a go with your own target employers).

Now, I don’t speak Spanish (neither did the person who asked for this – not sure how he’ll get on doing a Spanish covering letter, but that’s a different issue) so my Google search is set to search pages only written in English.

Even so, Googling [ aerospace industry spain ] comes up trumps on the first link in page 1 of the search results – an article in English on “Spain’s Aerospace Industry“. Doesn’t have a list of employers there, but does have a detailed review of the state of the industry, mentioning some employers, and at the bottom of the page on the right hand side, there’s what I’ve been looking for – a link to the “Spanish Association of Aerospace Industries“.

Clicking on this – joy of joys, there’s the option to view the site in English (I know, I know, I’ve apologised before for my lack of linguistic skills). It’s a bit of a flash website, and I’m not sure where to find my list, but clicking around a bit, I find it’s simply the first link – “Associates”, an interactive list of companies, what they do, addresses, websites, the lot. 



And that’s another one to throw into the heaving swamp of bookmarks I carry around with me (3000+ – which is why I can never find anything).