Creative Careers

If you get fed up of reading about science, IT, finance and other corporate careers events, don’t despair – there’s a whole world of other careers we’re keen to help you with.

March is our Creative Industries Month, with events targeted at those whose interests lie in museums and galleries, arts administration, broadcasting and journalism, advertising and PR.

These aren’t recruitment events, but the chance to hear from people working in the sector and, in some cases, give you the chance to try your hand at practical exercises to see if you’ve got what it takes to thrive in this competitive sector.

We’ve got expert “Q&A” panels, tips from media recruiters, talks from Manchester University graduates on how they’ve made their way in journalism, TV production and PR, and the chance to report on a dramatic real life news story (OK, you might recognise some of the “locals” you get to interview if you’ve visited the careers service before – we do like our annual foray into amateur dramatics…)

Some of these events will fill up rapidly, so don’t lose out on your one chance this year to hear about these sought after careers – and don’t dismiss them as “too competitive”. Someone’s going to get the chance of jobs in this field – this is how you can learn what you need to do to make it a reality.

Why don’t we have these sorts of employers at our Recruitment Fairs? 

Although we do get some employers from the big advertising companies visiting us in the autumn to promote their vacancies, most creative industry employers don’t tout themselves round universities, pushing their wares with presentations and freebies. Why not? Simple really – they’re often smaller organisations or are predominantly self employed/freelance (so vacancies are few), and there are so many people desperate to get into these areas, they don’t need to do anything to publicise themselves.

However, we have several careers consultants and events managers who are passionate about this field (and have worked in it themselves) and are keen to do their bit to redress the balance when it comes to events.