Ten Quid For Your Thoughts …

Used to be a penny, but with inflation, we’ve had to resort to giving away crisp tenners.

We’re looking for Manchester University postgrads who can take part in a focus group  to help us understand how you would prefer to receive careers support (face to face, web etc). 

We’ve got quite a few international postgrads who’ve already volunteered, so home students are particularly welcome to add their views. We’re trying to make up a representative sample of those we’re working to support, so we’ll be inviting in a selection of postgrads to talk to my colleague, Tammy Goldfeld. So, here’s her ad : 

“£10 to attend a 90-minute discussion group
Friday 15 February 2008
12.30 – 2.00pm

The Careers Service would like to understand our postgraduate students better! If you have both visited the Careers Service and have used the Careers Service website, then we would like to ask you a few simple questions about your experiences and how you would prefer to receive our services. For example, do you think we should offer more (or less)services on our website, such as live webchats? Do you prefer to physically come into the careers service to get information and face-to-face advice? Do you think that we are communicating with postgraduates in the right way? Are you satisfied with the Careers Service?

Come along for an hour and half, make a bit of cash, meet some new people and most important, give us your opinions so that we can develop better services for you.

If you are interested, please email tammy.goldfeld@manchester.ac.uk asap. Tell us:
Your name
Please confirm that you are a current postgraduate student
Year of study
Subject of study
When you have visited the Careers Service and how you have used the Careers Service

Tammy Goldfeld will contact you to let you know if you have been selected to attend.”

I won’t be there, so you can say what you like about the blog without fear of reprisal, but it would be useful to know what you think we should do more of (and less of) to support your careers.

And of course, if you want to have your say without leaving the comfort of your bedroom, computer cluster, bus or wherever you’re reading this, just post your comments here (no cash prizes for that, I’m afraid, just the chance to see whatever amusing pseudonym you fancy using appear on this website)