Employer Sampler Courses for Postgrads

Just a short post today as I’m deep in the middle of the dreaded “assessment” (of the undergrad Manchester Leadership Programme) but couldn’t let two employer courses pass by without alerting you – one is for Masters, and the other is for undergrads and postgrads but they specifically mention PhDs .

  • McKinsey Business Technology 4 day seminar, Horizon 3.0 – aimed at undergrad or postgrad sciences, engineering, economics or business students in their penultimate year (if you don’t know what that is, I’d suggest you’re maybe not McKinsey material…) who have “a pronounced interest in the issues of business and the economy, as well as IT” – and did I mention that it’s in Dubai, all travel and accommodation costs paid? (Now you’re interested, eh?) Deadline is Feb 10th.
  • Philips have two European Business Courses, just for “outstanding Masters graduates”. One is for Sales & Marketing and the other for Finance and they’re aimed at recent graduates or those due to graduate in the next 6 months in a relevant subject. The closing date’s the 28th of Jan, and the course runs in the Netherlands in March – but you have to go through an interview to get on it.

As well as getting a free trip overseas, these sorts of courses can be a fantastic way to develop your industry knowledge, and even if you don’t end up getting a job with the company running the programme, can give you great material for answering application form and interview questions.