Want to Talk To A Postgrad Careers Specialist?

Even if you can’t get a one-to-one careers appointment, there are several alternatives available over the next couple of weeks if you want to talk to someone about postgrad careers – both virtual and face-to-face.

  • The Postgrad Study Fair at Manchester Central (G-Mex) on Wednesday 21st November is the first opportunity. Whilst it’s meant for those intending to study at postgrad level, we also have a room full of careers advisers who are able to give on the spot advice on, well … we’ll have a go at just about anything. One limitation is that we won’t have internet access at the fair, so we might not be able to tell you which website has the detailed info you need (I’ve got about 3000 websites bookmarked and my organic memory retrieval system isn’t quite up to remembering them all) but we can discuss possible options with you, and how you might be able to find out more once you leave the fair. The big advantage for some is that we’ll help all comers, even if you’re not currently a University of Manchester student or graduate.
  • Web Chat on “What Can You Do With A Postgraduate Degree” on Thursday 22nd November – my first experience of real-time chat, I’ll be live from 3.30-4.30 pm (and no doubt half-dead afterwards). Any University of Manchester student or graduate can register to take part, and the transcript will be available for all to view after the live session. These webchats have been a new venture for us this year, and seem to have been well received – look out for more.
  • “Ask the Experts” webchat for PhDs from UK GRAD – a series of live webchats take place on 29th November, with a range of employers from academia, the public sector, the not-for-profit sector, as well as the private sector and careers experts (say hello to Alison, Salford University’s postgrad specialist while you’re there – she knows her postgrad stuff!). Have a look at the timetable to take part in the chat of your choice on the day or view the transcripts after the event.

2 comments on “Want to Talk To A Postgrad Careers Specialist?

  1. Hi Anon.

    Not a lot of point turning up now of course (sorry, your comment only came in after the fair was over) but it’s a good question.

    Realistically, if you’ve just graduated with a 3rd and haven’t had much work experience since then, you’re going to struggle to get on to a Masters or other postgrad level course.

    However, if you got a 3rd some years ago and have been working in the same field in which you want to do postgrad study, you might find you’re seen differently. Some universities & courses are more open than others to accrediting “prior experiential learning” (APEL for short) – check for each course whether they accept prior experience for mature students.

    If you can’t get on a postgraduate level course straight away, there are lots of other vocationally based qualifications you could do – and some of these could actually be more useful in getting you into your chosen field, along with some work experience.

    Have a look at the Learn Direct website for finding courses (there are other course directories but these should all be accredited training providers). You can browse courses in whichever area interests you, specify the location, the mode (part-time, full-time etc) and the level – the “Professional Qualifications” category for each subject could be particularly useful, as they are often accredited by the professional association for that career. In many cases, they will be open to non-graduates – and having a 3rd is a step up from not having any degree.

    Most importantly, don’t get dragged down by having “a 3rd” – it might have made it impossible to get into some of the “2:1 or above” training schemes, but people make their ways into many careers by many other routes. Aim at a practical hands-on role to get into a good employer and then show them how fantastic you are at the job.

    Good luck

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