Want To Run The Country? Apply Before End November

No, not become Queen or an MP, I mean really run the country – become a Civil Servant. UK Civil Servants develop (and in some cases implement) the policies which shape our lives every day. MPs get to sign things off, but who do you think does all the background research, analysis, drafting of ideas and reports and then planning how it will all happen?

Postgrads heightened skills in handling masses of information, rigorous analysis, and presenting conclusions which can be defended by clear argument mean you have a head start in showing you’ve got what it takes to do 7 jobs in 1, which is how the Fast Stream graduate entry programme describes their work.

There are a number of entry streams, including all the Central departments (Home Office, Health, Transport, Arts etc), the Diplomatic Service, streams for Scientists & Engineers, Statisticians, Economists and, for those addicted to Spooks on the telly, “other” streams which are surprisingly open about their recruitment procedures (not at all like in Smiley’s day).

Being a postgrad is definitely not a disadvantage, in fact, for the DFID stream, you have to have a postgraduate qualification (as well as 12 months work experience) to apply.

Again though, deadlines approach. You must have completed the on-line self assessment, on-line tests and application by the end of November for most streams. As it’s a multi-stage process, you’ll need to start asap.

No, you won’t get rich (until you leave and take up a lucrative job in the private sector) but you will be able to have a potentially massive impact on millions of people, and maybe even a gong before you retire (just check out those New Years Honours lists for the proof, though they’ll probably have been abolished before you get there, of course).