P&G Careers Seminars & Courses – Deadlines This Week

Just spotted an interesting range of 1-4 day workshops in Europe for the multinational FMCG* company, P&G.

The workshops range from an R&D PhD Seminar (3 days in Germany in April ’08) to a 1 day “Greece Christmas Career Forum” in Athens in December, taking in a range of commercial, finance and technical masterclasses spread across Europe.

Some deadlines, including the R&D PhD Seminar are imminent – 11th November for UK students.

This has long been a way that P&G have both publicised their jobs, and also recruited their preferred candidates. If you’re interested in working for them, you should definitely think about taking advantage of these courses, otherwise you may find that they have filled all their jobs without ever having to advertise them.

 * No idea what this is all about? Read on :

  • FMCG = fast moving consumer goods.
  • P&G = Procter & Gamble. If you don’t know who P&G are, just check the products in your kitchen and bathroom and you’ll probably find they’ve infiltrated your home without you even realising.