Employers’ Views of Recruiting Postgrads – Accenture

Spotted this in the transcript of our recent Careers Service webchat with Accenture :

“Is there an opportunity for PhD graduates to join Accenture at a higher level to Bachelors or Masters graduates? If not would my PhD be viewed as a particular advantage if I made an application?”

Accenture’s response :

“All postgraduates that do not have relevant consulting experience should apply via the graduate route. As we operate a meritocracy at Accenture you will be promoted based on performance – therefore the additional skills learnt via your postgraduate qualification may give you extra skills relevant to the workplace which could enhance your performance. When you apply, we will take your postgraduate qualification into consideration.”

Once again, this echoes the views we find from lots of major graduate and postgraduate recruiters – if they’re not directly using your subject skills, you may need to prove that you’re worth it before they treat you differently to all the undergrads. The full transcript also includes tips on applications, their policy on work permits – and salary and benefits.

UK GRAD also ran a webchat with Accenture, specifically aimed at PhDs last year, so for more views, have a look at their archive.

… and if you want to chat with me on-line on postgrad careers, register for our webchat on 22nd November, from 3.30-4.30pm, on “What Can I Do With A Postgraduate Degree?”