How To Find Industrial Research Companies In Your Field – Tips from a Careers Detective

If you want to find academics in your research field, most postgrads would know to look at who’s publishing in your particular discipline. Then you can keep an eye on their departments to spot any vacancies for researchers or academic positions which crop up.

But what if you want to go into industry to do research? Although some industry scientists and engineers publish in academic journals, if their research is commercially sensitive, they’re unlikely to publish for all the world to see (and copy). However, you can sneak up on them by doing a patent search. Use The John Rylands University Library‘s patent resources and links to try searching for patents in your field. In some cases, you can even search on location (try post codes) to find out who might be working in your field, in the place you want to live. It might even give you a contact name of a technical manager to write to directly…

A lot of my work is trying to find ways of getting to the careers information that you need. Trouble is, sharing some of my sneaky little tips & techniques with you means you can do all this for yourself – but hey, with no postgrads to see, that will leave me more time to write this blog.