Mentors available on Manchester Gold – new deadline

Quick alert that we’ve still got a few excellent mentors available on our Manchester Gold mentoring programme for University of Manchester undergraduates and postgraduates – but the deadline is 5th November. Still on the books are:

  • Business – several high flying mentors in customer development, account management and relationship management, including P&G and Lloyds TSB
  • Science and engineering – MD of a local hi-tech polymer company, automotive engineers from Rolls Royce and the chance to be mentored by a USA-based registered nurse working in urgent care
  • IT – consultants, analysts and project managers in IBM and Accenture
  • Creative and media – textile designer, producer/journalist in music/TV and a media relations officer
  • HR management – our Disability strand has two HR managers who are keen to mentor students with disabilities (anyone interested from our MSc HRM course?)

Some are still available because the quality of applications for some sectors hasn’t been high enough (if you want to get selected to be mentored by a high flying legal professional, it’s a good idea to spell “solicitor” correctly for a start…), so if you want to apply, make sure you do yourself justice, say why you want a mentor in your chosen sector, and spell / grammar check like mad.