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It’s easy for someone like me to forget that if you’re searching for jobs for the first time, you may not know about some of the most useful resources out there, so I’ll be adding some short posts over time to let you know about some of the sources I recommend most highly.

It’s not all about investment banks and corporate jobs at the Careers Service – it’s just that at this time of year, recruitment events by the private sector are running at full throttle. However, we also regularly help postgrads who are keen to progress in academia.

For academic and post-doc jobs in the UK, the first starting point is usually jobs.ac.uk, a site used by all UK universities (and, increasingly, other universities overseas) to advertise all manner of jobs in universities, including research posts. You can search jobs by discipline, location, salary etc, have them e-mailed to you as they arrive, and browse their careers articles (including a detailed article on how to use RSS feeds like this one to help your job search).

Other sources of academic job ads are university web-sites, like our own, the “Times Higher” web-site, and also FindAPostDoc (currently about 40 UK post-docs and a few in the US, but the site might grow?).

More web resources to follow in our handy “cut out and keep” guide, building into an impressive reference work which will be the envy of all your friends – as the saying goes…


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