International Jobs and Scholarships

How do you fancy going to Mexico, to Japan or to Luxembourg – via Second Life? We’re currently advertising opportunities to work, study or further your research in each of these countries.

  • Mexico – “Mexican Government Scholarships for Foreigners 2008” are available (as long as you’re not Mexican, of course) for postgrad study and post-doc visits, including a 6 month Spanish language and Mexican culture course to get you started. They’ve set a new closing date of 15th November 2007 (originally July 31st) – more info at 
  • Japan – The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation award Daiwa Scholarships for British graduates to spend 19 months in Japan, including 12 months studying Japanese, 1 month of home stay and a 6 month work placement. You don’t need to speak Japanese (in fact you can’t apply if you’ve graduated in Japanese Studies – see their flyer for more details of eligibility) but you will need to convince them you are capable of reaching a good standard in Japanese within the 12 months. Want to know more? Talk to a recent Daiwa scholar at their lunchtime event at 1pm on 5th November in Roscoe 3.4.
  • Luxembourg – couldn’t let this one pass without comment. We’ve finally been asked to publicise a recruitment event on Second Life, for all those of you who are keen to work in Luxembourg (you may say that it’s in Second Life because no-one knows where Luxembourg is, I couldn’t possibly comment…). Don’t scoff – apparently they’ve got the 4th highest quality of life in the world, have a high proportion of expats living there, and have “extraordinary scenery for never-ending walks” (so that’s walking in circles then)*. It all takes place on 28th November, so start polishing your avatar along with your CV and head on down to Second Life.

(* and a very buoyant stamp industry)