Make A Difference

Postgrads have recently asked me “how do I demonstrate teamwork?” or “what kind of non-academic achievements can I put on my CV?” (honestly, they did, only last week).

This is your chance to get one extra-curricular team activity on your CV, make a difference to the community around you and potentially get to know people outside student-ville.

27th October is the annual “Make a Difference Day” promoted by CSV, a major UK volunteering organisation. You can either volunteer to help with one of their activities or set something up yourself. A lot of the Manchester activities seem to be centred around charity shops. For example, our own volunteering organisation, Manchester Student Volunteers is joining forces with Barnardos in the Precinct Centre to fundraise – and they’re looking for your help. Alternatively, you might want to try and get a group of postgrads together and organise something (great for showing teamwork, organisation etc), either to directly help someone in need, or to fundraise to support an issue close to your heart.

“Strategic”, “cynical” or “don’t agonize about it, just do it”?

Looking at this, it feels pretty cynical writing this stuff down about using charity work to “add to your CV”. However, maybe that’s just over-intellectualising about it – if it’s genuinely meant, and the CV enhancing is a by-product, maybe it’s OK? Let me know if you’ve got an opinion either way…


2 comments on “Make A Difference

  1. I just wanted to congratulate you for your blog and let you know that we postgrads are reading you and getting as much as we can from your posts. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Christine – that’s great to know!

    I’m now addicted to blog stats, so I know how many people are looking in, and starting to get a feel for which posts get postgrads’ attention, so I’ll increasingly be able to target my posts towards what you want.

    Next step is to get feeds to places our postgrads might be looking – I’m hoping to add an optional feed to the student Portal system, but if anyone knows any other good locations, just let me know.


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