Specialist Careers Fairs & Events

Been looking at our fair and presentation lists and wondering where all the employers you want to see are? Well, some employers like to target careers events focused just on their sector, which can be particularly appropriate for postgraduate specialists, so here are some of the forthcoming specialist careers events, in Manchester and further afield.

Life Science Careers Conference

  • Run by the Biosciences Federation, this is the careers event that the pharmaceutical companies (and some other biotechs) do turn up to (they don’t often come to general/science fairs). You have to register in advance and there’s a small charge to cover catering. Each year it’s in a different city in “the North” so this year you’ll have to go to Leeds on Saturday 3rd November to get there (but nowt wrong wi being on t’other side o’t’Pennines for a day … OK, you can tell where I’m from).

ChemCareers 2007

  • Run by the Royal Society of Chemistry, again on 3rd November, this is in Birmingham at the National Exhibition Centre. It’s free to members of the RSC, or £15 for non-members. Again, some of the big pharmas are due to exhibit (presumably they can be in two places at one time)

What’s IT All About?

  • Run by the Careers Service and major IT employers on 7th November on campus. After a really successful inaugural event last year, this is aimed at those already studying/researching in IT related fields (in spite of the title, it’s not for people who don’t know what IT is about – hey, I didn’t invent the name). Good for postgrads who want to get close to the big names (Accenture, Microsoft, Oracle and more), ask detailed techie questions (prizes for the best questions), see technical demos and win stuff (£1000 of IT equipment anyone?). Sign up through the Careers Service using your university log-in details.

Know Risk – The Big Event

  • Apparently, the UK is really good at insuring things – 20% net worth of our economy, 2nd largest export (anyone know what the 1st is – Manchester United football shirts?) – so there must be lots of jobs there. They’re obviously doing pretty nicely as they’ve got even bigger prizes than the IT event (go on, have a look) and can afford to bring not only major employers to tell you all about their industry and opportunities, but also Karren Brady (MD of Birmingham City Football club and only 33) and my BBC Breakfast TV hero, Declan Curry (named Financial Broadcaster of the year last night – congrats!). Register to come along on 31st October on campus