Wanted – International Postgraduate Taught Masters Students

The Careers Service are developing a new careers support programme, just for international Masters students – and we need your help.

What’s In It For You?

  • Extra support for you to move your career forward this year
  • The chance to get the inside view on what employers want from international Masters
  • Be the first to see and “test-drive” new support materials targeted at international Masters students
  • Regular access to careers consultants – in return for helping us, we’ll be happy to offer extra opportunities to discuss and support your own career ambitions
  • The chance to shape an exciting new programme for supporting our students – and to add something to your CV

What Will It Involve? 

  • Discussing your own career ambitions, your background and the actions you take over this year to move your career forward
  • Giving us your opinion on materials being developed and the approach we hope to take in developing the programme
  • Either face-to-face meetings, occasional focus groups, or e-mail contact at different points throughout the year
  • Possibly taking part in video clips, either giving your opinions, your experiences, or (if you’re feeling brave) practicing answering interview questions – but only if you’re happy with being filmed (no pressure!)


E-mail us at careers@manchester.ac.uk, with the title “International Masters Pilot”, giving us a few brief details about yourself including :

  • which degree you are doing
  • when you started and when you expect to finish
  • any ideas you have about what you would like your next career move to be
  • any previous experience you have (first degree, work experience etc)
  • details of your home country 

We hope to select a group of up to 20 international students, who have recently started their Masters degrees, to work with us on developing this new programme. However, we are also keen to hear the views of all our international Masters students and for any of you who register your interest, we will offer you the chance to keep updated with progress and to contribute your comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Elizabeth Wilkinson, Amanda Wood, Scott Foley

The International Masters Careers Support Project Team