A Golden Opportunity …

4 posts in and I’ve already started using cheesy puns in the title – you can only expect more of the same from here on in …

 If you’ve always wondered what it would be like in a particular career, or want some one-to-one inside advice on how to get into a type of work, how to improve your applications, where to find the jobs – and want to hear it from someone actually in that job (rather than someone like me who knows how to blag her way through 101 career options for postgrads), then Manchester Gold could be for you.

It’s our award winning mentoring programme for undergraduates and postgraduates. We have up to 200 mentoring partnerships set up each year – so given the number of students we have, it’s competitive to get on to it. However, someone’s going to get one of those chances, and we have a healthy proportion of postgrads on the programme each year.

It (generally) involves 4 face-to-face meetings with your mentor in the year that the programme runs, unless you get an e-mentoring place, when most of the interaction is on-line. We’ve got a great e-mentoring partnership with IBM who are keen to mentor students both in technical and non-technical roles.

Specific support for postgraduates with disabilities 

We’ve also got additional strands for a range of groups of students. To highlight one in particular, we’re keen to support students with disabilities (including long term health problems, and issues such as dyslexia) and have a number of employers who have specifically volunteered to mentor a student with a disability. This may be because they feel disabled people are under-represented in their workforce, or, often, because they or someone close to them has personal experience of working whilst having a disability.

Obviously, if you have a disability and want to apply for the programme, it’s absolutely your own choice whether you apply for the main mentoring strand, or whether you opt for the strand for students with disabilities. However, as we often have more employers keen to contribute to the disability strand than we have applicants, you might want to factor that into your decision.

Most importantly, the deadline for applications this year is Wednesday 17th October 2007 – apply here