Postgraduate Vacancies

One of the ways I want to use this blog is to alert you to vacancies which may be of interest, especially if they may not immediately seem relevant to postgrads.

We’re currently advertising “Graduate Opportunities 2007” with a major technical employer. Once you actually read the ad, you realise that they’re specifically asking for students with an MSc or PhD – in spite of calling the jobs “graduate opportunities”.  This is typical of many (even most) employers who assume that you’ll realise that they include postgraduates in the term “graduate” – whereas postgrads often ask me “where are all the postgraduate job ads?”

This is one of the reasons why I want to highlight vacancies where I know postgrads will be welcome, even if it’s not apparent from the title.

Other ads which might be of interest are

plus 334 other current adverts for full time jobs in a wide range of sectors – not forgetting all the thousands of other job ads out there which may not mention postgraduate degrees, but may be just what you’re looking for.